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21. A bus traveling at 15m s-1 accelerates uniformly at 4m s-2. What is the distance covered in 10s?

Answer: _________

22. The volume and pressure of a given mass of gas at 27 0C are 76 cm3 and 80 cm of mercury respectively. Calculate its volume at s.t.p.

Answer: __________

23. A simple microscope forms an image 10 cm from an eye close to the lens. If the object is 6 cm from the eye, calculate the focal length of the lens.

Answer: _________

24. Calculate the work done when a spring of force constant 105 N/m is extended by 0.2m

Answer: __________

Suggested Answers

21. Answer: 350m

22. Answer: 72.8cm3

23. Answer: 3.75cm

24. Answer: 2000N

25. Answer: the path taken


61. A piece of metal of relative density 5.0 weights 60 N in air. Calculate its weight when frilly immersed in water.

Answer: _________

62. A force acts on a body for 0.5 s changing its momentum from 16.0 kg m s-1 to 21.0 kg m s-1 calculate the magnitude of the force

Answer: ____________

63. The period of an oscillatory motion is defined as

Answer: ________________

64. A platinum resistance thermometer has a resistance of 4 ? at 0 0C and 10? at 100 0C. Assuming the resistance changes uniformly with temperature, calculate the resistance of the thermometer when the temperature is 45 0C.

Answer: ________

66. An object is placed on the principal axis and at the centre of curvature of a concave mirror, is the image of the object formed by the mirror real?.

Answer: ________

67. The direction of induced current in a straight wire placed in a magnetic field is determined by using

Answer: __________


61. Answer: 48N

62. Answer: 10.0N

63. Answer: time to complete one oscillation

64. Answer: 6.7

66. Answer: real and inverted

67. Answer: Fleming's right hand rule


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