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Farminig is the most important aspect of agriculture that has atracted attention within the last few years.Agriculture has other aspects like fishery,livestockand poultry.All these are also important in that they have to do with the production of items,which human beings consume for survival.

In many parts of the world today,farming has been regarded as the main stay of the economy.Crops such as cocoa,rubber and cotton have been produced in such commercial quantities that are sold to other countries.In these other countries,there is the need to spend a lot of money on agriculture,particularly farming.Most farmers use other modern tools.A lot of them have to store crops,most of which are always destroyed by insects and pests before harvest time.All these have adverse effect on their productivity.

The government can do a lot to help farmers.Farmer's cvo operative societies can be encouraged and loans can be made available to farmers through government institutions like banks and finance corporations.Farmers can be taught how to build good and strong structures for their produce.All of these can help to improve the conditions of farmers in these countries.

1. The most important aspect of agriculture mentioned in the passage is (a)poultry(b)fishery(c)livestock(d)farming ANSWER:D

2. farming in many countries today is (a) an alternative to poultry (b) of great assistance to the economy (c) for those that do not have jobs (d) for the illiterates. ANSWER: B

3. Some countries produce more and better crops than others because the farmers in the former (a) are more educated (b) have greater man power (c) have more modern equipment (d) have fertile land. ANSWER C

4. In other to improve the state of farming,the Government should (a) give all farmers enough money to work with (b) sell enough fertilizers to all farmers (c) find ways of financing and modernizing the farming system (d) help farmers with the storage of there crops. ANSWER:C

5. A lot of crops are wasted because farmers (a) allow insects and pest to destroy their crops (b) do not have enough money to invest in harvesters (c) do not have good storage facilities (d) hervest too much in a time. AMSWER:C

Note: For more comprehension tips,see solution to 2006 comprehensive passages.

Read the passsage below carefully and answer the questions that follow.Each question carries 2 marks.


Developments in elecronic science have transformed the art of record keeping in modern age.Traditionally,records of events were kept only in people's minds.It depended very much on the retentive power of th human memory. This was extremely dangerous as people either forget events wholly or in part or deliberately falsified details to suit their various interests.Interminable arguments were thus the order of the day.Even writing,which replaced mental recording was not entirely free from these shortcomings as untruths could be written as true records either willingly or inadvertently.With the advent of the electronic memory however,these dangers have been largely overcome.Recordings in audio and videocasettes now show not only what happened ,but also who did or said what including how and when

6. The author believes that electronic recording is (a)superior only to mental recording(b)inferior to both mental recording and writing(c)superior to both mental recording and writing(d)inferior to only writing ANSWER:C

7. The writer believes taht the art of record keeping has (a)improved over the years(b)endangered the art of writing(c)enhanced human memory(d)overcome all the problems facing it. ANSWER:A

8. How many stages of development did the writer mentioned while discussing the art of record keeping?(a)Two(b)Three(c)Four(d)Five ANSWER:B

9. According to the author,human memory is unreliable because people(a)die and we forget what they said(b)forget events to tell lies(c)do not always know who did what and when ANSWER:B

10. From the passage,we gather that writing is almost(a)as unreliable as electronic memory(b)as unrelaible as electronic memory(c)more reliable than electronic memory(d)not to be compared to any other recording system ANSWER: A

In each of the questions 11 to 13,Identify the option taht has stress pattern different from the rest.

11. (a)Factory(b)Distinctive(c)Regular(d)National ANSWER:B

12.(a)Interpret(b)Period(c)Destructive(d)Forever ANSWER:B

13.(a)Useless(b)Enact(c)Unless(d)Combine ANSWER:C

In each of questions 14 to 26,choose the option nearest in meaning in the word(s) or phrase(s) underlined.

14. The singer's popularity is beginning to DECLINE (a)slope(b)disappear(c)wane(d)darken. ANSWER:C

15. Ade is at the VERGE of nervous breakdown,so he must be careful (a)brink(b)margin(c)avenue(d)fringe ANSWER:A

16. An open car gives no protection against the ELEMENTS (a)weather(b)atoms(c)dust(d)atmosphere ANSWER:A

17. He has never been a good mediator in family disputes because in most cases,his views are JAUNDICED (a) coloured(b)prejudiced(c)suspicious(d)unscrupulous ANSWER:B

18. In some parts of our society,people are OSTRACIZED purely on the basis of their percentage (a)hated(b)disrespected(c)locked up(d)shut off from others. ANSWER: D

19. My Friend will hate his Uncle forever because he LEFT HIM IN THE LURCH at his hour of need (a)abadoned him(b)punished him(c)disrespected him(d)despised him. ANSWER:A

20. All of efforts made to settle the quarrel were FUTILE (a)successful(b)fruitless(c)wicked(d)reasonable ANSWER:B

21. Kelechi HARDLY EVEN falls sick (a)most often(b)very seldom(c)frequently(d)sometime ANSWER:B

22. It is sheer FANTASY to believe that there could never be a miscalculation by any antion taht has atomic weapon(a)dream(b)hope(c)nonsense(d)joke ANSWER:A

23. The INGENIOUS scheme of the robbers broke down because of the efficiency of the police officer (a)suspicious(b)ambitious(c)deceitful(d)clever ANSWER D

24. Our town is so small that we are always MEETING our school master accidentally (a)falling into(b)finding(c)running into(d)stepping on ANSWER:C

25.One has to score not less than 200marks in the UME together with meeting other conditions TO BE QUALIFIED TO WRITE the Uniben post UME screening test(a)to be exempted from(b)to become a candidate for(c)to be considered for(d)to seek permission for ANSWER:B

26. He went through fire before he qualified as a doctor(a)a fire accident(b)a hilarious experience(c)some purification(d)a tough time ANSWER:D

In each of questions 27 to 40,choose the options that are opposite in meaning to the the word(s) underlined.

27. The chairman's verdict REDRESSED the injustice meted out by the secretary (a)corrected(b)restored(c)aggravated(d)addressed ANSWER:C

28. Uche could not travel last December because of the SEVERITY of the harmattan(a)cold(b)mildness(c)warmth(d)moderation ANSWER:B

29. Travelling in the night can be ORDEAL(a)a great exercise(b)a great fear(c)a great endurance(d)a great pleasure ANSWER:D

30. Bola is very PROVOCATIVE in her style of dressing(a)modest(b)happy(c)angry(d)beautiful ANSWER: A

31. Joke thought that her father was very CALLOUS(a)indifferent(b)compassionate(c)wicked(d)careless ANSWER:B

32 The lions of Cameroon is really AN INDOMITABLE team(a)a powerful(b)difficult(c)a weak(d)an unexciting ANSWER:C

33 To almost everyone in the little village,Ada's behaviour is the most ODIOUS(a)repulsive(b)compassionate(c)interesting(d)charming ANSWER:C

34. Adamu was so vociferous during the meeting of the congretation that he succeeded in incurring the WRATH of the chairman(a)an ideal(b)admiration(c)displeasure(d)sympathy ANSWER: B

35. It was AN INOPPORTUNE moment for you to make thatb suggestion(a)an ideal(b)a wrong(c)an exact(d)a sad ANSWER: A

36. He devoted too much time to PERIPHERAL aspects(a)unimportant(b)superficial(c)minor(d)main ANSWER:D

37. The climate of Nigeria is an ENVERVATING one(a)a weakening(b)an energy sapping(c)an invogorating(d)sluggish ANSWER:C

38. The girl's IDIOSYNCRASY was a passion for bread and butter(a)stupid outburst(b)general tendency(c)singular characteristics(d)occupational calling ANSWER:B

39. Once he has decided taht something needs doing,my brother is very UNSWERVING of purpose(a)erratic(b)tenacious(c)stubborn(d)simple ANSWER:D

40. Those were the days of FALLACY that some languages are primitive while others are not(a)argument(b)exercise(c)misconception(d)truth ANSWER : DTo visit VNTI official website: <A href="http://www.nigerianuniversitynews.com">click here</A>

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