Read the passage carefully and answer the question below
From the apex of Niger Delta southwards, dry land, overgrown with dense forests still virginal in various spots, gives way to seasonally inundated zones.Here, sweet water swamps with strands of raffia palms gradually merge into tidal swamps of brackish oooze,where mud skippers thrive under the arching roots of mangroves. The Niger, fingering through a thousand creeks, meet the sea in a dozen eustarie. Strong rives currents drift and mud across the river mouths, scaling tem again and again to navigation

1. According to the passage, how would you describe a seasonally inundated zone?
A. a zone always covered with mud
B. a zone always covered with shallow water
C. a zone under water at certain times of the year
D. a zone subject to heavy rain every season

2. 'Fingering though' as used in the passage means
A. cutting across
B. passing through
C. cutting between
D. passing between

3. Where does Niger meet the sea ?
A. in the creeks
B. in the Delta
C. in the swamps
D. in the forest

4. Where do mudskippers thrive?
A. in the creeks
B. in the swamps
C. in the mangroves
D. in the roots

5. What is brackish ooze?
A. a strong river current
B. a mixture of fresh water and mud
C. a mixture of fresh water and salt water
D. fresh and clean water

In the sentence below, there is one word underlined and one gap. From the list of words A-E choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined and which is appropriately fill the gap in the sentence

6. She was a very proficient hairdresser but had little aptitude for sewing in which she was ……………..
A. new
B. unskilled
C. unlearned
D. ignorant
E. awkward

7. A metal will expand when it is heated and …………… when it cools
A. shorten
B. lesser
C. contract
D. congeal
E. curtail

8. If you do not accept the offer of a job in the Secretariat within the next one week, we shall assume you ………… it
A. denied
B. refused
C. deprived
D. left
E. lost

9. Athletes wishing to get rid of their ……….. and get more energy should take more excercise
A. fat
B. oxygen
C. lethargy
D. trainers
E. espots

10. The political aspirant asked the villagers to support him and not to ………. his authority in any way
A. deny
B. undermine
C. defy
D. despite
E. attack

In the questions below , fill the gap with the appropriate option from the list. The excercise express different times by using different tenses. From the natives suggested, choose any one that best suits each context.

11. Sir, I'm not lying about the matter, I know nothing of it, if I knew
A. I must tell you
B. I can tell you
C. I would tell you
D. I shall tell you

12. The editor was not happy that the Nigeria press was hemmed…….
A. up
B. across
C. in
D. over
E. sideway

13. More ………… to your elbow as you campaign for press freedom
A. energy
B. power
C. effort
D. grease
E. kinetic

14. A child that shows mature characteristics at an early age may be described as
A. precocious
B. ingenuous
C. premature
D. preconceived

15. That is a very terrible woman; everyday she makes lot of noise about one thingor the other, I'm not suprised, that's what her sisters ………………….. too
A. are used to doing
B. do
C. always used to do
D. are doing

From the list of words lettered A-E below the sentence, chooose the onenearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence

16. Last night there was a very fierce rain storm
A. raging
B. storming
C. angry
D. violent
E. ferocious

17. After finishing the 800 meters race, he fell asleep from exhaustion
A. weakness
B. fatigue
C. overwork
D. eagerness
E. sloth

18. After Warri, on our way to Benin, we passed through a dense forest
A. crowded
B. close
C. thick
D. heavy
E. wooded

19. The examiner said that the candidate's performance in the examination was notgood enough
A. failure
B. achievement
C. success
D. presentation
E. marks

20. The footballers went back to their camp sullenly
A. cheekily
B. quickly
C. stubbornly
D. resentfully
E. silently

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