If you are working towards becoming a students of the University of Ibadan by next harmattan, I believe there are few things you need to know, but we are going to take it step by step. If we get as much as 10 comments on this post, we are going to provide the next tip knowing the post was helpful.

Here is the first thing you ought to know towards becoming a UI student or even going for the putme.

Here is how the University of Ibadan calculates candidate's point for admission:

1. Your score in JAMB divided by 10. i.e if you score 270 in your UTME just divide that by 10, this gives you a maximum of 40% and in this example it will be 27%

2. Write down your grades in in five relevant subjects. i.e English, Mathematics,Physics, Chemistry, Biology (for Engineering, Science Applicants, Medicine inclusive of course). While English and Maths is compulsory, choose other three(most likely, the three choice subjects you wrote in your Jamb)

3. For the five subjects above, calculate your O-Level point thus:

A1 , 6

B2 , 5

B3 , 4

C4 , 3

C5 , 2

C6 , 1

D7, E8, F9 , 0

Add-up your points for the five subjects and multiply your result by 2. This gives you a maximum of 60%

4. If you have 400/400 in JAMB , that's 40%. And anotherA1 in 5 relevant subjects that's 5 * 6 * 2 = 60% which gives you a total of 100%.

• YOUR POST UME IS NOW Computer Based Test-CBT.


  1. Ajayi Funmi says:

    i needed an admission into 200level,in music bt i ve pass in ENGLISH language wl i be admitted.i ve credit in literature in english.

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