>This basically is to serve as a reminder that this years UTME comes up in less than 80hrs time, how prepared are you. Use the test links on the right column to check your readiness before you walk into the hall on saturday, do your best and do not be scared for it would be your last.

1• If you are not sure of an answer, go over it again and try to get a picture of where you saw it in your book.
2• Use elimination method to axe out unrelated answers.
3• Find a relationship between your questions and the options provided because the relation is always there.
4• For questions involving angles, remember to set your calculators on degree, else you might regret it.
5• Do not receive any answers spread about in the hall, the solver has not even seen the questions.
6• Tackle, theoretical questions first before calculations to save your time.
7• For all nearest and opposite in meaning questions, get the meaning of the questions, the answer is there not in the Underlined word.
8• For all chemistry students, study the method of production of all common gases, that is 5 guaranteed questions, either in words, images or redox equations.
9• Organic chemistry is 10 questions.
10• Physics students, when you are confused about how to solve an equation or you have no idea, rather than shading a random answer, just try, dividing or multiplying the given figures, you would get an answer in the option and trust me, it is the right answer.
For other unwritten tips, add yours using the comment box below and enter your facebook url as your url with your name.


This is Akpos, taking his UTMR last year, with his answers;

Question; 1)He who fights n runs away?
Akpos: E don surrender be dat na, na fear catch am.
2)A rolling stone?
Akpos: No fit just dey roll, na person push am.
3) He who lives in a glass house?
Akpos: Na rich politician e go be.
4)A stitch in time?
Akpos: dey prevent further tear tear.
5) Birds of d same feather?
Akpos: Na d same mama born them.
6) One good turn?
Akpos: Na correct power steering fit do am.
7) A bird in hand?
Akpos: Wetin e wan be again if no be barbeque. Dem
plenty for chicken republic.
8) Half bread is better than?
Akpos: Puff puff, buns or garri without sugar.
9) A journey of a thousand miles?
Akpos: Na d person wahala be dat na, Why e no enter
car or aeroplane jeje?
10) He who laughs last?
Akpos: Get brain problem. Make dem examine am
becos na begining of madness be dat.
11) A patient dog?
Akpos: don get disease. Na hunger go kill am.
12) All work and no play?
Akpos: Na bank job be dat bros.
13) An apple a day?
Akpos: Na hunger go kill u jeje.
14) Once beaten?
Akpos: Na revenge go follow b dat.
15) A fool at forty?
Akpos: U never see Naija own, ours starts@70.
16) A friend in need?
Akpos: Na parasite b dat.

Laugh it while you can, YOUR EXAM IS KNOCKING BY THE DOOR.


Chinedu Da Silva

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